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For $17000 you can buy 115 dying aliens (and shipping is free!)

Imagine finding that at the bottom of the ball pit

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FUTURAMA 3D part 1

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First Season - Star Trek: Voyager - The Cloud

  • First off: Poor Harry.
  • Second: I love how KJ handles the holographic gigolo.
  • Third: The panic of Tom to remove the gigolo from his Captain is stellar.

… and mind you this is just seconds before she inquires “Is this pool or billiards? … Right. Pool’s the one with the pockets. Would you mind if I gave it a try?”

Captain Janeway: “Commander Chakotay, your stick?”

Commander Chakotay: “It’s called a cue, Captain.”

I love this you get the best reactions from all. Tom has the shit don’t kill me reaction. Harry has the kid watching his mom get hit on reaction. Tuvok looks ready to snap his cue over the guys head. And chakotay just goes with it. While belanna calls tom a pig. But the best is Janeway just smiling so innocently and teasing Chakotay seconds later.

This was such a great character/relationship building episode. So many great moments and classic lines. You get a real sense of the crew dynamic and how fun the show is going to continue to be. I just love it. I am so thankful Harry followed his gut and invited the Captain to join them.

So am I. But Tuvok? Was he invited or just strolled in and pretended to be lost.

He was there to interrupt any potentially romantic moments between Janeway and Chakotay… duh.  The code of Vok-Blocking requires his presence no matter how arduous the experience is.


Star Trek is one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. 

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"It’s a guideline, not a rule."

—How I imagine Captain Janeway refers to the Temporal Prime Directive in all possible timelines. (via janewayout)

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no mom it’s not a phase

it’s a phaser

sorry mom gotta go the enterprise is waiting

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They believe that by breaking down physical class divisions, children can be taught to live with intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and communally responsible behavior.

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How come Sweden gets to do cool stuff and all we get is shitty cubicle areas with no fucking windows it’s like a damn prison in my school I only had one class with windows and the windows were facing another fucking wall so I couldn’t see outside I don’t even know if it is raining half the time and I love rain and I hate school 

Even in college. I practically lived in the humanities building at the school I went to, no windows in the classrooms. Brand new building too. But now windows. IN THE HUMANITIES BUILDING. We’re precious day dreaming babies, we need natural light.

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My dad just came into my room and shouted at me in Klingon.

Am I more embarrassed that he did that or that I know he said I was a disappointment to the empire?

You should be most embarrassed that you’re a disappointment to the empire.


Jewelry by jerseymaids

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Here, I fixed this scene from “Bread and Circuses” for you Tumblr types.

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I h8 u for making me think about Tom's logs h8 — deltaflyer


no but can you imagine him talking in the first log about how free he is now. yeah he’s on a fleet ship with fleet officers but hey he’s got the helm and he has the option to jump ship if he wanted to. no one would care where he went, no family to think about, no obligations. just exotic booze and hot alien babes. hell, he could become a racing pilot! there’s got to be some form of shuttle racing somewhere. build a reputation and do what he likes.

voyager could be the best thing that’s ever happened to him

then the last log: he talks for a while about everything that’s happened over the last few days and about flying through the conduit. about how great harry was, how worried they all were about the captain and the admiral, etc. then you hear this little crying in the background and tom grins and walks off. a minute later he sits back in front of the screen with miral and he’s quiet for a while, trying to rock her back to sleep.

talking a bit softer, he reminisces about how much his life has changed over the past seven years. his job, him and b’elanna, him and harry, chakotay, tuvok, the captain and all of the friends he’s become so close to. he talks about what he’s learned and what he’s come to value, and he hopes that he’s someone people can be proud of now.

voyager is the best thing that’s ever happened to him 


I’ve just cried laughing at the comments on a Jamie Oliver recipe, there was a typo on the website and everyone put 13 lemons into a pasta sauce and didn’t even question it. Imagine eating 13 lemons, the recipe was for 4 people, imagine having that much trust in Jamie Oliver.

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x-files meme: 3 objects | ”i want to believe” posters

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