Of the Federation starship Voyager.

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When you’re feeling sad and think that you’ll never get anywhere, remember that Tom Paris started off as a slimy, womanising criminal on special parole, and ended earning his commission, became an amazing person, officer and friend, a father, and loved by one of the strongest women in Starfleet.

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Sex is a lot like the Delta Quadrant, you don’t know where you are, you can’t find your way out, Captain Janeway is there

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"I’m glad the last thing I’ll see is you."

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I’m sorry, Scotland. 

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original is from here

this is how doctor newton geiszler and doctor hermann gottlieb’s correspondence actually started

also i don’t fucking know SCIENCE so i just bullshit some stuff

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I’m not sure if someone already did this

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The Emperor’s New Clothes (The Myth of Moffat’s Scriptwriting ‘Genius’) by Claudia Boleyn


Today I read an article about Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who in the Arts and Books section of the Independent on Sunday. In this article, by Stephen Kelly, Moffat is criticised for his inability to write women, to complete his plots, to write the Doctor as a likeable and trustworthy figure, and to keep his audience entertained. Yet one line in this frankly scathing (and almost painfully truthful) review reads: ‘When on form, Steven Moffat is the best writer working in television today’.

Having read said article, and written rather a lot of Moffat critique myself, the statement baffled me. Kelly’s entire article is lamenting the current state of Doctor Who at the hands of this man, and yet Moffat is still gifted with glowing praise.

It’s a common theme. I see it often when people are asked to review Moffat’s work. It seems people are almost afraid of criticising him, seeing as he has been lauded one of Britain’s most brilliant television writers.

It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes. The Myth of Moffat’s Scriptwriting ‘Genius’. It’s a lie we’ve all absorbed and now just assume to be true. Sherlock himself would be frankly appalled by the entire thing. We are seeing, but we apparently do not observe.

Fellow Sherlock watchers will know what I mean (although many will probably not agree) when I equate Moffat’s writing to the empty houses of Leinster Gardens. An empty façade. It looks great from the outside, but when you step closer, you realise it’s just a whopping great train station with some drugged up self-proclaimed sociopath lurking in it.

 Let’s examine this case a little closer, shall we?

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Dear pan and ace people,

Fckh8 have said they’re going to bring out products for pan and ace people in light of this summer’s giant fuckup.


FCKH8 have a long history of being a horrible organisation, focussed solely on cis gays and lesbians (and…

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We discovered where the Evil League of Evil eats lunch. It’s in Harlem.


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About to take the stage in Chicago with the Next Gen Cast & Tne Shat!!! (x)

Why does Bill look so unhappy


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